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We are a highly empowered and professional consultancy

GoSCM was established in 2012 in Mexico City by Wolfgang Dreher, a former SAP team member and one of the founders and developers of SAP APO. He saw the opportunity to introduce to the market a highly sophisticated and professional consultancy firm focused on supply chain optimization using SAP.

The company experienced rapid growth, with a primary focus on Mexico and Central America during its early years. In 2014, they opened their first office in South America in Bogotá, Colombia, which brought in numerous clients from the mass consumption industry. GoSCM’s expertise in SAP APO was then consolidated, making it the main partner in the region.

In 2016, GoSCM opened an office in Santiago de Chile, which marked the second global implementation of SAP IBP. The company gained significant experience in IBP, which led to the tool’s exponential growth and the expansion of its ecosystem from Chile to other parts of the world.

In 2018, GoSCM-Mexico expanded its portfolio, consolidating its focus on all the SAP SCM tools, including IBP, TM, eWM, and all critical modules of the transactional system. The company then opened its first North American office in 2019, focusing on SAP IBP’s expertise. In 2020, the Spain Iberia office was established, targeting mainly mass consumption companies.

In 2022 the Germany office opened, cementing its position as the main partner of SAP IBP in the Americas and one of the five most important consulting firms worldwide.

Currently, GoSCM is the primary global partner of SAP Supply Chain

with over 150 expert consultants specializing in modules exclusively for the SAP supply chain. The company has executed over 120 projects in more than 20 countries and 15 industries, with the most significant success stories in each industry. Additionally, GoSCM is also helping customers on their digital transformation journey with S4HANA, capitalizing on business value with a focus on the supply chain.

Worldwide Business Offices

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