Integrated Business Planning


Maintain total end-to-end visibility over your entire supply chain using the beautiful and simple IBP user interface.


Have the most accurate demand forecast by incorporating real-time demand sensing to adjust your forecast with the most up-to-date information.


Produce advanced production and inventory plans to cover all aspects of the most complex supply chains.

Powered by SAP HANA

IBP is powered and run by SAP’s Cloud Platform HANA, to combine database, application processing, and integration services on a single platform.

IBP S&OP Sales & Operations Planning


Deliver a cross-departmental sales and operations plan that balances the impact on inventory, profitability, and service levels.


Create your optimal business plan to increase market share and drive revenue growth.


Improve forecast accuracy and on-time delivery to mitigate costs and to ensure the best service to your customers.


Increase the speed and agility of planning and drive the most profitable responses.

IBP Demand


Make your forecasts more accurate and profitable in the short-term horizon by using real-time pattern analysis, and relying on data from the present and recent past.

Improve Execution

Bridge the gap between planning and execution throughout your entire supply chain with Demand Sensing.


Collaborate across supply chain, marketing, and sales teams with real-time visibility into the demand network and consumer demand with Demand Signal Management

IBP Supply & Response


Create advanced supply planning simulations based on forecasts, orders, inventory, and safety stock targets.


With the heuristics or optimization-based algorithms, you can simulate constrained and unconstrained production and distribution plans.


Use the fast, rules-based, priority-driven supply planning simulations to focus on supporting the what-if analysis of actual or hypothetical changes to demand and/or supply.

IBP Control Tower

Real Time

Analyze, manage, and navigate your end-to-end supply chain in real-time.


Oversee the most important aspects of your supply chain in one easy-to-use view.


Communicate, collaborate, and monitor your supply chain’s performance with your entire team.


Maintain global visibility across all of your internal and external planning and execution systems.

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