Extended Warehouse Management

Deep Process Integration

Integrated naturally with all the SAP Supply Chain processes.

Manages the ownership of the stock

This capability Is of great interest for the logistic service providers.

Best-In-Class Functionality

End to End functionality, multi-step material flow according with the floor layout or process needs.

Flexibility, Usability & Performance

Value-Added Services, Packing, Kitting and Monitoring tools integrated into the material flow.

Inbound Process

Mobile Data Entry Process

RF-Framework helps to design efficient data entry processes.

Real-time Data Interchange with ERP

ASN creation and changes, order process status, goods receipt confirmations, reversals notifications and changes are communicated instantly.

Receiving Material QA Tasks

System managed QM notifications to ERP and material availability control.

Comprehensive Inbound Process

Yard Arrival, Deconsolidation, Unloading and put away controls integrated into the material flow.

Internal Process


Created as part of a picking plan, order related, automated or directed, supports the outbound processes.

Warehouse Monitoring and Reporting

Real time tools to inform about warehouse situations like orders and process status.


Keep your products in the optimal locations according with high demand or seasonal demand.

Physical Inventory

Storage bin specific, product specific or stock category specific can be used as inventory procedures.

Outbound Process

PP Integrated

Create advanced supply planning simulations based on forecasts, orders, inventory, and safety stock targets.

Wave Management

Group deliveries to optimize efficiency of picking tasks and ease the monitoring of the work loads.


Material managing methods for non storage materials supporting production, retail merchandise or for opportunistic movements.

Multi-Step Warehouse Movements

Value Added services, Packing processes, Automated Material Handling systems can be integrated for outbound tasks.Multi-Step warehouse movements.

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